Plus 10!

What does “Plus 10” mean?

“Plus 10” is the highest score that can be achieved when using Anthony Robbins’ quality quantifiers system. The idea is simple. Take any aspect or experience of your life and give it a score between “Minus 10” and “Plus 10”, where “Minus 10” is an awful experience and “Plus 10” is a totally AWESOME experience. Now that you have this score, ask yourself, “What would it take to make this a ‘Plus 10’ experience?”

Every morning I do two things. The first is to make a list of all the reasons why today is ALREADY awesome! Sometimes it is easy to forget all the reasons to be happy RIGHT NOW, instead of constantly chasing some future state of happiness (which only creates a neverending state of unhappiness).

The second thing is to make a list of 20 ways to make today Plus 10. Why 20? Another self-help guru, Brian Tracy, suggests that when tackling any problem, make a list of 20 ways to solve it. By the time you get to 20, you’ll have exhausted all of the usual demotivating answers and will have stretched your mind to consider ideas you would have otherwise not thought of or dismissed.

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