Who is Awesome and Why?

We all have heros. Part of Being Awesome is understanding what makes your heros awesome, and why.

On MySpace, there is a built in list of “People I Would Like To Meet”.

So what? Why? One great way to create awesomeness in your life is to look at these heros and emulate those principles and methods in your life.

Here are some examples: 

Cesar Milan – for teaching people how to be a Pack Leader, for understanding the most effective methods for dog training (and people training 😉 )

Steve Jobs – for never settling for mediocre, for excellent engineering, and for revolutionary break trough’s of the iPod, iPhone, and MacBooks

Tim Ferriss – for escaping the ordinary, for challenging authority, for teaching that a Deferred Lifestyle is bullshit, for inspiring people to follow your bliss (That’s Joseph Campbell)

Dave Gray – for teaching that Visual Thinking is an Awesome way to communicate

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