Sometime It’s Not That Awesome

Last night, driving home from Chicago, we stopped at Burger King to use the bathrooms and possibly get a snack. Sometimes you think something is awesome, and it is not.

Listen to me right now. DO NOT GET A STEAKHOUSE BURGER!

You will hate yourself! I did, and I do.

This thing is a monster! I’m so glad I didn’t finish it.



2 thoughts on “Sometime It’s Not That Awesome

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  1. I can’t believe you even eat half of this nasty burger. Never again will I pay for you to eat over 1,000 calories in one sitting at 10pm.

  2. The project as a whole is a bit too heavy for my tastes but I think the overall id/sedeaign has merrit. I think the facade and interior could have been developed a bit further to make this a stunning project.

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