What does it mean to Live Awesome?

A couple days ago, someone who knows all about “Plus 10” and Living Awesome asked me if I could explain what it means to Live Awesome. It turns out that he was trying to explain Living Awesome to some buds, and they seemed to think it was all about hard partying. While party-time is certainly part of Living Awesome, it is much deeper and broader than that.

Living Awesome can be broken down into three main areas of your live:

1. Your Relationships
2. Your Activities
3. Your Environments 

An large part of how you feel depends on who you choose to spend your time with. Personally, at work I make sure I interact with as many people that are smarter than me as possible. It challenges me. When I meet people socially, the same thing applies. If you like to argue and discuss things (like me), then don’t spend time with people who are upset with arguing. It will just bring you down. It is perfectly fine to have standards, high standards, for who you date or just hang out with.

Don’t be afraid to pick your friends. Be specific about the stuff you like to do, and who you like to hang with.

Make a list of ten things that you love doing. Then, do them over the course of a week.
Be creative and don’t consider what others like doing, just do your thing. If people join you, great, but the point of this exercise is to bring as much joy into your own life as possible. Every Friday, I sit down with a blank pad and write down a list: How Can I Make This Weekend Plus Ten? Try to do all those things over the course of the weekend. As you get in the habit of doing Awesome things, you will start to develop a sense of what is Awesome, and what is not Awesome. If something starts being not Awesome, switch gears and do something else. If you are with friends, and the common “What do you want to do…Dunno…What do you want to do…Dunno….” comes up, try “Let’s go _____” or “Why don’t we ______”

Never settle! Make sure everything you do is Awesome, and if it is not, change it.  Remember, Living Awesome can be as simple as falling asleep in a hammock, it’s does not have to be a big blow-out.

Your work space and living spaces should be as Awesome as possible. What are some things that could make your work space Plus Ten? A new monitor, a cool desk, good lighting, a cool stereo, bright colored paint on the walls. These are all things that you have a direct impact on and will improve your work environment. What about your house? Your bedroom? Bedding from a fancy hotel, a huge comfy bed, paint? What about the bathroom. This is something I love. I love to take my time in the morning. My bathroom has a dock for my iPhone to listen to jams, a sweet shower head, the powered razor, and all the awesome-smelling products from Lush that I can afford. It also has great lighting and candles for those relaxing times.

As I write this, I am sitting at a pub that has free wireless. I have a pint next to me, and there is a fantastic thunderstorm going outside. Change your scenery and notice how it affects your life.

So, spend some time thinking about WHO you hang with, WHAT you do, and WHERE you do it.
These three areas of your life can yield some Awesome results if you spend time thinking about all those little things you can do every day to increase your Awesomeness.

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