Unexpected +10 Role Models

Last night I went out Salsa dancing. I really enjoy Salsa dancing. I’m not a natural dancer, but I practice a few nights a week and I’ve really improved. I consider Salsa dancing one of my personal +10 activities, because it really makes me happy.

As the music started playing, there was the usual awkward “8th grade moment” where the people separate into three groups.

  1. People who are definitely going to dance.
  2. People who might dance if asked.
  3. Those who are just there to watch.

Since I am out to make my night +10, I am in the first group. I start scanning the room for a woman in “group 1”. I find her. We dance. She was not bad, but was not good either. She was better than most, but couldn’t keep a beat. If you’ve ever partner danced before, you know that this situation can’t be sustained all night. So, after a couple of songs, I politely moved on to look for another partner. All the “group 1” women were taken so I started looking for some “group 2” women (women who might dance if asked).

My eye catches a very attractive woman who is smiling while watching the others dance. She’s tapping her toe and you can see her hips swaying virtually imperceptibly to the music. This is defintely a “group 2” woman. She wants to dance. She’s just not going to make the first move. I walk over and introduce myself and she is DELIGHTED to dance.

So, we start dancing. Within 5 seconds I can already tell that this woman is WAY BETTER AT SALSA than me. We’re having a good time and we start chatting. She’s a doctor. WHA?

Now, don’t misinterpret my statement and infer that I don’t think doctors can dance. That’s not the point. My point is that the doctors I have encountered work very long hours, do not take care of themselves, are always tired, and certainly don’t have time to go dancing on a Wednesday night. Let me review the attributes of this woman…

  • SMART – She’s a doctor!
  • Beautiful – you had to be there, but believe me, she was.
  • Fit – You could bounce a quarter off of this woman’s abs.
  • Happy – Happy eyes, happy smile, happy everything.
  • Graceful – An unbelievable dancer.
  • Gracious – I was so not-in-her league (dancing-wise) but she never showed any sign of discontent. She just enjoyed dancing with me at the level I was at.
  • Married – just in case you’re wondering if I asked her out. No, I didn’t 🙂

After a few dances we switched partners. She went on to a man who I have seen dance before and I knew was very good. When these two started dancing, it was like an atom bomb went off. I have never seen such an awesome display of skill and grace, not even in a movie. It was fantastic.

 What am I driving at?

Some days, I look in the mirror and I feel like I’m doing pretty well for myself. That’s great, but if you look at yourself like that for too many days in a row, you start to lose your edge. That’s what has been happening to me over the last couple of weeks. Meeting this woman last night was a great reminder that you can always do something to be closer to +10. If a doctor, who likely works 60 hours a week, can make time to eat right, exercise, and learn to dance like Ginger Rogers (oh, and I think she’s probably 5 years younger than me), all while maintaining a genuine smile on her face, then what excuse do I have to not work just a little bit harder at being all that I can be? Pretty much none…

Goddamn, I love striving for +10!

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