The new (old) +10!

A friend of mine asked me, “So, was yesterday the best day of your life?”

I said, “No. Why do you ask?”

He said, “Well, your facebook status said, ‘+10!’ so I assumed that you must have had the best day of your life.”

He was right to ask.

The +10! philosophy is really taking hold. So much so that when I meet friends, or even acquaintances, I am greeted with an enthusiastic “+10!” By espousing this philosophy so strongly, I have actually diluted it. I am now returning to its roots.

I have stopped asking myself, “How can I make this +10?” The state of +10 is so mind-blowing, that it is very difficult to go from a state of +7 to +10 let alone from a +1 to a +10 with a single plan of action.

I am now making a point to consciously choose my score (right now is a +2, by the way) and then ask myself, “How can I increase this by an increment of 1?” (+3 in this case). I then perform this exercise several times a day.

Doing so has led to higher overall happiness (scores) on a consistent basis.

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