Camping at Firecreek

Last month, after dealing with a bit of stress, I took some time off to relax and reset my mind.

On March 25th, me and two other good buddies from college hiked along the North Country Trail near Interlochen, Michigan.

It was just what I needed to recharge my batteries. On Friday morning, around 10am, we began the hike and headed toward the Manistee river.
For a large part of the NCT in Michigan, the trail follows the river through beautiful scenery and very significant terrain changes.

After about 3 hours (roughly 4 miles in), we found a great spot right at the entrance of a small creek. The creek spilled out into the river, providing a great water source. There was also a nice little beach. We tried some fishing, but it was apparently too cold for the fishes.

We set up our tents under a large cedar tree and placed our light weight hammocks over looking the river, almost 200 feet above the river level.
The views were amazing and the weather was great.

After setting up our base camp, we explored a bit, made dinner, and got a great fire going.

It got pretty cold at night, around 22 degrees.  The tents were fairly warm, but I should have had toe warmers in! But once we got the fire going again in the morning, and the sun came up, it was plenty warm.

After breakfast (I had Starbucks VIA coffee), we cleaned up camp and heading back.

We spent the remainder of the weekend hanging out at the cottage. It was exactly what I need to recharge.

Here is a bit of video from the trip:

Hiking and Camping in the North Country Trail – March 2010 from Doug Van Slembrouck on Vimeo.


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