What do you do?

How often are you asked this question?

It’s happened lately to me, and my recent trip out west for 2 weeks to Arizona and California has allowed me to clarify my response to this common cocktail question.

I have two different ways to answer this question:
First, inspired by Simon Sinek:

Why –
In everything I create, I believe that compelling digital content can be used to inspire people, deliver messages, and explain complex concepts.

How –
I create compelling digital content in the form of video, web media, and visual thinking illustrations.

What –
This content helps sell, explain, promote and inspire.
And it is awesome.

Second, simply list them:

1. I Produce videos for Plex Systems
2. I Produce videos for The Social Philanthropist’s Foundation
3. I also make websites sometimes.

I also have a desire to create great mobile apps in the near future

Thanks it! Keep it simple!

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