Remembering Jim…

It’s been just over six years since I lost a very close friend and mentor, Jim Bentley.
He died in February of 2005, and every year since, at this time, I recall his impact on my life.

Jim and I worked together at Eaton, where I got my start in the IT field as a tech grunt.
Most afternoons, Jim and I would walk over to the shop floor cafeteria and get two vending machine chicken broth’s, piping hot and served in the little cups with the playing cards on the bottom.

We would sit and talk, and I would usually ask for advice, which Jim would give with kindness and insight.
He would always help me with that extra 10% I needed after getting 90% there, whether it was life, work, or family.

When Jim passed, I was forced to figure out that 10% myself, becoming fully responsible for my decisions as a man.

I miss you Jim, not a day goes by that I don’t remember you.
I poured myself a mug of chicken broth this morning, and a wish you were here to enjoy it with me.

The memorial that was written and printed in the Rochester College newsletter can be found here:

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