The Art of Living Awesome

In preparation for TEDxDetroit 2012, where I plan on giving the first Art of Living Awesome talk, I’ve migrated all posted related to Living Awesome here, to finish up my presentation, and be the basis for the upcoming Living Awesome book!

3 Principles of Living Awesome:
1. Aggressively Pursue Your Reality
2. Never Suffer Fools
3. Constantly Fight Mediocrity Zombies.

You Are Awesome. Start F***ing Acting Like It!

The Art of Being Awesome

Nothing short of an outright injustice can happen to you that you couldn’t in some way recover from.

If you send a bad steak back, the world will not end. If you get fired, you will not die. If you express an opinion on something, the government does not show up at your door and haul you to prison.

Why then did I (and most of the western world still do) believe that I can’t do exactly what I want, when I want, how I want?

I believe it is because we have confused the ideas of
“doing” with “achieving”.

Fortunately, I also believe the solution is to Always Be Awesome.

What does being “Plus 10″ mean?
“Plus 10″ is the highest score that can be achieved when using Anthony Robbins’ quality quantifiers system. 

The idea is simple. Take any aspect or experience of your life and give it a score between “Minus 10″ and “Plus 10″, where “Minus 10″ is an awful experience and “Plus 10″ is a totally AWESOME experience.

Now that you have this score, ask yourself, in everything you do, “What would it take to make this a ‘Plus 10′ AWESOME experience?”

Always Being Awesome will allow you to:

Aggressively Pursue Your Reality, Never Suffer Fools, and Constantly Fight Mediocrity Zombies.

10 More Principles of Living Awesome:

1. Remember to Know Thy Self
2. Never settle for ordinary & always reject the mediocre
3. Surround yourself with Awesome (people, things, and environments)
4. Always be Plus 10, make things Plus 10, and then push it 20% more
7. Everything is Easy, it’s just Time that is the constraint
8. Be The Oasis in each room, but choose your rooms
9. In all conversation, behave as a Ghost, but always burn with your Flame
10. Micromanage your Self – Slow down, Say No, & Delegate

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Never settle for ordinary, for You Are Awesome!

You also have the ability to be fabulous, You are filled with passion, and You can experience fantastic things. There are 10 Principles of Living Awesome.

This blog explains these principles, and provides stories and examples for Living Awesome.
Credit for some original posts goes to Mike Grant my co-author and co-creator,  and I will update the author links shortly.

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