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The video from Friday’s TEDx talk will be posted shortly.
In the mean time, here is my script and slides, as well as some photos from the Gem Theatre.

Start Fucking Acting Like It!

Today I’m going to tell you how I learned how to be awesome, and what I do every day to make sure I Stay Awesome!

Hulk Smash

There is nothing short of an outright injustice or physical violence can happen to you that you couldn’t in some way recover from.

If you send a bad steak back, the world will not end.
If you lose your job, you will not die.
If you break up your girlfriend, everything will, in fact, be ok

My So Called Life

So Why then did I used to (and most of the western world still do) believe that I can’t
do exactly what I want, when I want, how I want?

For a long time, this is how I behaved, always asking permission, always apologizing.

I was so afraid of failing and not achieving that I just swam along with everyone else,
delaying my happiness until some future date.


The reason that most people behave this way is because I think we have confused the ideas of “doing” with “achieving”. So many of us have had goals that have never been reached because we focus on the end result so much.

You might say, “I want to go to Disneyland.” That is not doing. That is achievement.
You might say, “I want to drive a sports car.” That is not doing. That is achievement.

What is DOING then?
DOING is filling your time with AWESOME EXPERIENCES

Doing is living your life in such a way that when you work you think about work and when you play you think about play.

Doing is enjoying your meals and seeking out amazing restaurants.
Doing is enjoying the act of driving. Doing is attending fun conferences.

YOUR REALITY, those things you DO will add up very quickly to an AWESOME life.

I’ll Just Do It My Way

To try to achieve before trying to DO, you sentence yourself to never-ending misery.

Your achievements are rarely met and, when they are met, rarely live up to expectations.

Doing is being in love with yourself and with your own life.

DO it yourself, and passionately.
I’m not a stupid cheddar goldfish, I’m a sweet and tasty Swedish fish, and damnit, I’m swimming this way!

When you feel like you’re not LOVING yourself and YOUR life, change IT!

Anyone can be cool, but Being Awesome Takes Practice

Easier said than done, right?
How do I change my life?

So, everyone can act cool, but being awesome takes real practice.
You need a way to measure it.

I believe the way to Be Awesome is to Make EVERYTHING PLUS 10.

Keep Calm and Make it Plus 10!

“Plus 10″ is the highest score that can be reached when using Anthony Robbins’
quality quantifiers system.

The idea is simple. Take any aspect or experience of your life and give it a score
between “Minus 10″ and “Plus 10″, where “Minus 10″ is an awful experience
and “Plus 10″ is a totally AWESOME experience.

What does being “Plus 10″ mean?

Now that you have this score, ask yourself, in everything you do,
“What would it take to make this a ‘Plus 10′ AWESOME experience?”

Always Being Awesome will allow you to:

Always Being Awesome will allow you to:
1. Aggressively Pursue Your Reality

Weather you agree with these people or not, they all have one thing in common:

They all aggressively pursue their own reality. They don’t ask, they DO.

Don’t let people put place their reality on you. Make your own.
“Well, the problem with that is…”
“You know, 8 out of 10 restaurants fail…”
“You’ll see, when you have kids, you won’t sleep…”

I strongly reject your reality, and instead replace it with my own!

Always Being Awesome will allow you to:
2. Fight Mediocrity Zombies.

“What do you want to do?”
“Well, the problem with that is…”
“You know, Obama will….”

These are the people that live for the weekend, follow the status quo, and will
bring you down if you let them

Since they can’t be awesome on their own, they will try to make sure you stick with
them as they suck your energy away.

By Making your experiences PLUS10 and Living Awesome, you can avoid these life sucking zombies, because you will be
pursuing YOUR reality.

Always Being Awesome will allow you to:
3. Consistently achieve your actual goals

It all adds up if you focus on experiences

You Are All Awesome, and Now You Know How to Be

DO FIRST, without any concern for achievement, and you will

So today, think about how you can make each moment, each interaction here, as close to PLUS 10 as you can

Go Forth And Be Awesome!!

To DO first, without the thought of achievement, is to achieve bliss in each
moment and increases the likelihood and frequency of achievement as a co-product of your actions.

Think of this the next time you pour water from an open tap, have a new experience, or meet someone new.

For your life today, what does it mean to Be Awesome?
What can you do TODAY that is PLUS 10?

So today I challenge you, for each interaction, each new person you meet,
make it PLUS 10!

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