The New Order – My Star Wars Viewing Method


First off,  Episode 7 was (no spoilers) my personal favorite in the series. Just go see it. Take your family, take your parents, take your wife even though she says she hates Trek Space movies… it’s awesome. (Quick aside… I took my dad and my brother to see SW Ep7 today and my dad had an awesome time. I’m always happy when my dad laughs and cheers).

There is a lot of debate online about the best way to watch the Star Wars movies. There is even more debate on the proper versions to watch. I really must say that I watched Episode 6 yesterday, and al the “extra” stuff that was added was VERY distracting from the original story.

Did we really need that performance in Jaba’s chambers?
Adding digital characters over puppets is off putting.

You really can’t avoid the “enhanced” movies unless you have original VHS copies, but the Blu Ray versions are pretty much the best options we have these days. I prefer the Blu Ray versions

Strictly based on my experience today with The Force Awakens, here is how I think you should watch Star Wars, with a few other treats thrown in.

I added the Robot Chicken and Family Guy episodes because of the acting style, humor, and inside jokes within Episode 7.

Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode 1
Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode 2

Star Wars Episode 7
Star Wars Episode 4
Star Wars Episode 5
Star Wars Episode 2
Star Wars Episode 1
Star Wars Episode 3

Family Guy Star Wars:
Blue Harvest
Something Something Something, Dark Side
It’s A Trap!

Star Wars Episode 6
Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode 3







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