About Me

Hi! I am a Digital Media Producer for RedPawn Creative Services and managing director of Share Space Rochester, a coworking community for independent professionals and creatives located in Downtown Rochester, MI. My purpose / passion is to teach people how to use WordPress.

In everything I create, I believe that compelling digital content can be used to inspire people, deliver messages, and explain complex concepts. I create compelling digital content in the form of video, web media, and visual thinking illustrations. This content helps sell, explain, promote and inspire.

And it is awesome.

Contact Me:
Email: dougvanslembrouck@gmail.com
Home Office: 248.495.8358
AIM: drvan98
Yahoo/MSN: drvan99


Inspired by Jason Kottke, I’ve created this “sort by life_date desc” list of my life:

2014 – 2018
Opened ShareSpace Rochester, Moved back to Michigan, doing RedPawn Creative full time now

After 7 years at Plex, moved on different things at Maven Wave Partners

Chicago is great, awesome friends, Wicker Park is the best!

Still in Chicago and loving it!

Started karmagora

Started The SPF with Rob J. Ray
Moved to Chicago. Still at Plex, and it still rocks.

Met a beautiful woman on a train to Chicago, right from the pages of a fairy tale.

Still at Plex, and it still rocks. Doing a lot more UI/Design/Sales and Marketing material

Moved back to Michigan. Working at Plex Systems (formally Plexus Systems)

Moved to Arizona. It’s hot. Made some websites. Started a little company with my best buddy. Decided to move home, should have stayed.

Started teaching at Oakland and Rochester College, where I also worked as a Sys Admin.

Worked for UpStream Software for a while.

Left the auto industry to work at a web startup called Edict.
Wrote lots of awesome code with a great team

Graduated college, continued working in the auto industry from my internships, at Eaton Automotive.

1990 – 2000
Tried to be an engineer my first year of university, but left for business school (thanks for the tip Dad)

High School was at De La Salle. Again with the uniforms, but this time all dudes. But, Senior Year was a blast. James, Ron, Jeff, if you guys read this site, drop me a line.

Half of second grade until 8th grade was at St. Lawrence. Private Catholic school, uniforms, also a distinctive smell when I visit that school. Oh, and for some reason, I still remember the taste!? of the pews in church (don’t ask).

1980 – 1990
Second grade was at St. Paul’s. I met Bryon on the bus one day, and have known him since. He rocks.

I went to kindergarten at Grebner. I remember the playground being distinctly metal and plastic and cold? why cold?. To this day, the smell of the inside of that school is still in my brain.

I come into this world. I am named after my parent’s close friend Doug Beaupre.

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