My productivity notes for 2013

Here is an older secret, but a very good one, from my favorite comedian of all time, Jerry Seinfeld: What I do, on a weekly basis, is block my calendar with colors for each type of activity. Pale colors are downtime or non-income add, so those need to be optimized or avoided    “…get a […]

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Holiday Movie Guide

I had every intention of working and being productive over the Thanksgiving break, but thanks to Candice being in Costa Rica, the weather being crappy, and Apple TV and Netflix being awesome, my long week turned into a gluttenous banquet of movies and documentaries. Rather than letting this “effort” go to waste, I thought I’d […]

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Remembering Jim…

It’s been just over six years since I lost a very close friend and mentor, Jim Bentley. He died in February of 2005, and every year since, at this time, I recall his impact on my life. Jim and I worked together at Eaton, where I got my start in the IT field as a […]

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My Favorite Commercials

Heading into Superbowl 45 this coming week, I’ve started collecting my favorite commercials. This is an open thread, please post your responses and your favs. M&M’s “You get in the bowl” VW Little Darth Vader Snickers Sharks Geico Piggy The Old Spice Ad the started a viral blizzard

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What do you do?

How often are you asked this question? It’s happened lately to me, and my recent trip out west for 2 weeks to Arizona and California has allowed me to clarify my response to this common cocktail question. I have two different ways to answer this question: First, inspired by Simon Sinek: Why – In everything […]

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