TEDx Detroit

YOU ARE AWESOME! Start Fucking Acting Like It! Today I’m going to tell you how I learned how to be awesome, and what I do every day to make sure I Stay Awesome! Hulk Smash There is nothing short of an outright injustice or physical violence can happen to you that you couldn’t in some […]

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What do you DO?

After the very inspirational experience at TEDxDetroit, I had a very clear follow-up idea for how to take the Plus10, Live Awesome message to the next level, and apply it even more specifically to day to day life. Your JOB does NOT define you. Who you ARE is what defines you. Each of us can […]

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The Art of Living Awesome

In preparation for TEDxDetroit 2012, where I plan on giving the first Art of Living Awesome talk, I’ve migrated all posted related to Living Awesome here, to finish up my presentation, and be the basis for the upcoming Living Awesome book! 3 Principles of Living Awesome: 1. Aggressively Pursue Your Reality 2. Never Suffer Fools […]

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Preparation is as important as Action

“The four stages of the self-discipline process are: Decision to act Preparation Action Completion/Maintenance “Most people wrongfully start the self-discipline process at the Action Stage, when in fact they are psychologically at the Decision [or] Preparation Stage.” This is a quote from Self Discipline in 10 Days by Theodore Bryant. I think it ties in nicely […]

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Awesome Fitness

I’m reading Body Mind Mastery by @pwDan. One of the ideas he puts forth is effort without effort. Athletic activity should require no more concentration than walking down the street or passing the salt. The very effort of trying disrupts the rhythm and impedes progress. I tried this concept this morning while weight training. As […]

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The new (old) +10!

A friend of mine asked me, “So, was yesterday the best day of your life?” I said, “No. Why do you ask?” He said, “Well, your facebook status said, ‘+10!’ so I assumed that you must have had the best day of your life.” He was right to ask. The +10! philosophy is really taking […]

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Unexpected +10 Role Models

Last night I went out Salsa dancing. I really enjoy Salsa dancing. I’m not a natural dancer, but I practice a few nights a week and I’ve really improved. I consider Salsa dancing one of my personal +10 activities, because it really makes me happy. As the music started playing, there was the usual awkward […]

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