Getting started with Gutenberg

After struggling with an out-of-date website that needed to be reset and refreshed for the coming year, and presented in multiple languages, I’ve decided to rip everything out, use a blank Bootstrap theme, and replace the entire framework with #Gutenberg pages.

This is a very simple site, with text and images, and a couple forms. So far, it has been a very tidy, very quick process. My plan is to build the top level pages in English, then clone my FlyWheel site to then generate the German, Chinese, and Spanish versions.

There has been some feedback in the #WordPress community about developers and agencies being concerned about clients not being able to understand and use Gutenberg.

My business, RP Creative, focuses on building, maintaining, and updating WordPress sites for my clients. So, I do the content work.

My first impressions are that Gutenberg will be a nice time-saving solution for some of the simple websites I build, and less bloated then some of the Page Builders I’ve used.

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How to be safe from the latest WordPress vulnerability (It’s pretty easy)

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 2.37.26 PM

Devindra Hardawar at Engadget has a concise article about the most recent vulnerability for WordPress sites. “Thankfully, the fix is pretty simple: Just remove the “example.html” file from any instance of genericons in your WordPress installation.” Most modern hosting companies will provide this update automatically for you.

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10 Web Design trends to know for 2015

Jamie Bell, over at Flywheel, has written this great article about design trends for 2015. It’s a refreshing list of tips to hang on your wall to remember as we continue into this new year.

I’ve been working with FlyWheel for a few months now, and have been very pleased with their managed hosting. It’s a terrific platform, and a great team.

Ready to step up your game for 2015? Here are the year’s top trends in web design.

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