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I’m reading Body Mind Mastery by @pwDan. One of the ideas he puts forth is effort without effort. Athletic activity should require no more concentration than walking down the street or passing the salt. The very effort of trying disrupts the rhythm and impedes progress.

I tried this concept this morning while weight training.

As I reached my maximum weight for each exercise, rather than huff and puff while scrunching my face and groaning, I concentrated on my breath, put a smile on my face, and moved through the exercise with no fear of failure and no desire for achievement. The results were fantastic. I hit new highs and felt a surge of energy after the workout.

I’m excited to read more of this book.

My New 5 mile ride in Chicago

I rode this today and it turned out to be a good loop

Humboldt Park has a lot of ponds, gardens, and trees. I’m looking forward to riding it in the mornings

They have a pool too, so it would be great to ride there, swim, and ride home

Screen shot 2009-09-11 at 6.14.13 PM

Trail Run – 07/15/09

My latest trail run at Bloomer today:
I forgot to turn on the  Heart Zones setting (below), so I’ll have to track that next time

Peak heart rate: 175 bpm, Average heart rate: 140 bpm
Time: 30 minutes
kCal: 367
hr limit: 115 – 153
Time above: 6’27
Time inside: 24’30 

Picture 1

Zone 1 (60-70%): fitness zone; improves basic fitness and is good for weight

Zone 2 (70-80%): aerobic zone; improves aerobic fitness and is good for
endurance training.

Zone 3 (80-90%): threshold zone; improves aerobic and anaerobic capacity and
is good for improving peak performance.

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