Three Things – Microsoft is doing well for 2011

Often in conversation, especially around the holiday, I’m asked “what’s new”.
This has motivated me to start writing a short series of posts with 3 things, usually related.

So, let’s talk about Microsoft.
Although I love Windows 7, and my XBOX 360, I usually focus my cool tech stuff on Apple.

Lately though, I’ve noticed 3 significant things from Microsoft that really got my attention:

1. XBOX Kinect – Not only is the Kinect a revolutionary device for controlling games without any physical device, but Microsoft’s acceptance of hackers leveraging the Kinect for DIY projects is a sign of an open-architecture.

2. “To The Cloud” – This new ad campaign is powerful not only because Cloud Computing is the future, but the story told in this ad is one of New Work – inspired people frustrated with the status-quo, leaving to start their own business.

3. My Ford Touch – Kudos for creating such an innovative in-car experience, and partnering with Ford, the only automaker of the former big 3 that didn’t take a bail out, and is also leading the industry in innovation:

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