My productivity notes for 2013

Here is an older secret, but a very good one, from my favorite comedian of all time, Jerry Seinfeld: What I do, on a weekly basis, is block my calendar with colors for each type of activity. Pale colors are downtime or non-income add, so those need to be optimized or avoided   ¬†“…get a […]

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My GTD Method

A friend on FaceBook asked me recently to describe my GTD methods and how my day-to day activity for project management works. Using this system for ALL projects and tasks (Home, Work, Personal), I have reached MIND LIKE WATER and do not stress out about deadlines. The biggest advantage of this is I TRUST the […]

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A Chicago Desktop

Since we are moving to Chicago at the end of this month, and I will be traversing around town with my MacBook, I thought it would handy to have a tight dashboard that shows me where the heck I am and how to get where I’m going. Using Camouflage and DateLine, and by cropping the […]

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